Open Sesame…

About O’s


We love sesame seeds for their
gorgeously nutty taste and
delicate, almost invisible crunch!


Cumin’s O-some flavour has been
enjoyed for around 4000 years.
The Ancient Greeks and Romans
loved to bake with cumin.


There is a very serious crunch.
We advise you not to eat in libraries
or quiet train carriages!


Mmmm… Cravings are common.
The scrumptious flavour of
Original O’s means you’re hooked
after two or three!

Hungry for more…

Not actual bite size

How to enjoy

Original O’s are savoury treats flavoured
with cumin and sesame.

They go gorgeously with a tea or coffee or
shared with friends over a glass of wine.

We tend to eat them at breakfast, lunch,
dinner, in between meals, on the way to work,
when happy, when sad, at family occasions,
when we get home from work,
whilst reading, by ourselves with our , great
with humous the list goes on…

a bit about us…


Everyone in our family is obsessed with
making O’s and we are all competitive about who
makes the best. Ed and I are both convinced that
we make the best shape, the best taste, the best
crunch, and pay the most O-ttention to detail.

The short story is that we both wanted to find
a clever way to make them quicker (they take
forever by hand) so we could share more with
friends and family, and they could be the judge
of whose were best.

The long story is that Ed Built an industrial scale
machine to make his O’s quicker and share O’s
with more and more people around the world.

Just a side note: fearing the voice of reason
I kept O’s a secret from everyone including
mum until she saw a packet for herself.
This was not easy!

We managed to agree on the final recipe and it’s
a dream for us to share the treats which we love
so much with you.

Faye & Ed

Watch this…



Take one competitive family, add a secret recipe that has
never been agreed between them. Mix in Cumin and Sesame,
add a pinch of ambition and share the O’s with the world…

You won’t believe this

See O’s beeing produced

See O’s beeing produced

The Omatic

We are very proud of our
production in O-Land.
The ingenious and slightly mad
Engineer Hans Van Der Ent,
built us a magical machine
we like to call….

“The Omatic”

Get your own machine?

Franchise O’s

Our OMATIC machine has some little brother and sister
machines who are all ready for you to set up your own
Original O’s Franchise. They make the most perfect O’s
every time. Bring the magic of Original O’s to your market.
Its an O-some opportunity….

email us for more details: franchise@originalos.com

Right I want some?

Stockist Opportunities

Stocking Original O’s

We would love you to become ambassadors for O’s,
so if you would like to get involved and stock Original O’s
in your shop, restaurant, bar or pub email us …

email us for more details: stockist@originalos.com

And finally

The O-Team